Colette is at Tufts University and has diabetes mellitus type I. She has difficulty finding products with a minimal glycemic index.

“I would like an app that registers and carb counts the products in order to rank what is available in each store per product category.”

– Colette

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Project Type
UI/UX Design​


User Research, Conceptual Design, UI/UX Design, Storytelling


2019 ATHack Finalist

Colette Kaya, Antti Surma-aho

0. User research – shopping with Colette

1. Colette’s persona
2. Colette’s healthy meal diary
3. Colette’s daily journey with GI

Through the mapping of Colette’s daily journey, I identified 4 different main functions for her and other similar app users, namely the documentation, searching, calculation and sharing.

4. Compare with peer applications

The current applications are mostly designed as a static dictionary, which is basically another format of a website. They lack of real-time interaction, do not have personalized information tracking function, and do not satisfy Colette’s sharing and education need.

Demo (5)
5. Profile – view my shopping history
Demo (6)
6. Diary function – document the healthy meal
Demo (7)
7. Analysis function – analyze my daily behavior
Demo (4)
8. Search function – voice recognition search
Demo (1)
9. Search function – dictionary
Demo (3)
10. Calculating function – compute my average GI
Demo (8)
11. Knowledge hub – share knowledge with community

12. This is a live demo for App Colette