Project Type
AR Product Design, UI/UX Design​


User Research, Conceptual Design, AR Product Design, UI/UX Design, Storytelling


01. The demo of Sunmao

02. The problem when learning traditional Chinese wood joints

Traditional Chinese wood joint craft (Sunmao) has a very long history. It is so important that displays both the beauty of the form and the science of structure. However, the craft itself is extremely complicated for students to understand from pictures in textbooks. In this way, applying AR to make this educational process more playful and easier to understand is a potential solution with practical possibilities.

03. Design of the envelope and the playful AR cards

The intention of the design is to conceptualize it as a real product. In this way, to think its physical form also is necessary for deploying an integrated design. I use the form of cards and envelope to trigger students’ interest.

04. The relationship between the AR component and the card

I use the card as a high-resolution target image in order for camera to capture. The corresponding exposed wood joint structure will be triggered when hover on the specific target image. With this technology, the structure can be more clearly explained with the students by a more playful experience.

05. Different interfaces of the Unity application

Further development includes adding more detailed introduction interface (some real cases can also be further added in the Wiki page). The app is tested by different users and all of them find it significant for them to understand this old Chinese traditional craft and art. To sum, the Augmented Reality can really help us know the 3D structure of the architectural component which is hard to understand before.