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Project Type
UI/UX Design​


User Research, Conceptual Design, UI/UX Design, Storytelling



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1. I followed a six-step design process, including understanding the potential need and requirement of a mentorship mobile application



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2. Based on my personal experience, I have bad experience using school’s career advice hub searching for career mentorship. My classmates also encountered similar experience



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3. First, I began user research. The first method I used was an online questionnaire to gather information. This is how I designed a binary survey for mentors and mentees



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4. This is how I distributed the questionnaire to reach as many people as possible
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9. The next method I used was interviewing. Instead of asking for qualitative data, I asked people’s good or bad experience about previous mentorship


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10. By selecting three interviewees from different stages, I am able to create the persona and identify the problem further


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11. I also looked into my college’s existing platform AdvisorHub for career mentoring and development. I made a SWOT study for AdvisorHub to identify the design opportunity


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12. Based on the information I collected from both the interview and the survey, I clearly identified the problem from two parts as well as potential strategies to improve this experience


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13. Based on the information I collect from the users (both mentor and mentee), I decided on the following mission statement in terms of helping more students get appropriate career advice from mentors. This objective will be achieved through 3 goals: 1) help university students find mentors that fits their desired career objective perfectly; 2) Encourage in-person chatting between mentors and mentees; 3) improve mentor’s ime commitment and communications between two parties


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16. This was the interim result of the user flow after a couple of iterations, which corresponds to my sketch. Here, I am focusing on the experience from matching to mentoring


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17. To achieve goal 1, the matching wizard helps to identify mentee’s preference during onboarding. The questions are refined to facilitate this experience


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18. After loading the matched mentor list, the mentee can explore based on the location and matching degree. It is also possible to change the preference by changing the Likert chart. After selecting a mentor, the mentee is able to book a conversation/submit a resume/send quick questions


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19. I opted for bottom navigation with 3 views: dashboard; the online video for career development and public questions. Besides, one thing I find important is that when posted a public question, the system can send notifications to potential mentors who can answer the question without taking so much time


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20. To help achieve goal 3, I also introduced the reminder mechanism in the setting. Once a request/question has not been replied/answered after 1 week, the system will send a reminder notification for mentors


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25. I then ran user tests among three of my classmates and modified the design of wizard visualization. By changing it to a traditional list and settings, the design makes more sense

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26. Recall our intention of helping more students get appropriate career advice from mentors. I finally evaluated whether I achieve the 3 goals set at the very beginning


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27. For further improvement, I identified other design and non-design opportunities for system’s long-term implementation and maintenance by the user journey mapping