Everyday life

I named this wedding invitation ‘everyday life’, aiming to list all the happiness during the life of the couple. I have imagined a scenario, a red paper is cut as a traditional Chinese letter ‘Xi’, the container of everyday life – the ingredients, the hot pot, the bottles and the cans are placed on it, as well as the laughter of family

The great mansion gate

Through rethinking urban leftover space, here the alley specifically, by the way of Hutong renovation, to on the one hand respect the existing status of Hutong, on the other using the leftover as the base, to construct and redefine the building typology of communal center, tight bend the social everyday life with the “everyday space”

What I talk about when I talk about drawing

Mostly, I was an observer with no purpose – everything in my sights can be documented. That is why a drawing shows overlapped things documented at different times. Fortunately, when I reflected most crowded manuscripts, I realized that they reveal a sense of “growth” along time